Powering Primary Prevention.

The function of protecting and developing health must rank even above that of restoring it when it is impaired. — Hippocrates

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preventative medicine | preventscripts | prevention | primary prevention | healthcare prevention

With PreventScripts, you’ll discover a new way to peek into that “blind spot” of healthcare and help people maintain healthy habits in their daily lives. Some experts say preventive medicine is the “last mile” of clinical decision support—the one area of healthcare that doctors have yet to conquer.

But YOU can.

You can get ahead of diabetes and hypertension. You can develop better partnerships with your patients and help change their habits by reinforcing the lifestyle changes you have told them to make. You can show that to you, they are more than names on medical charts. They are people who you have trained for years to help.

You can go the extra mile to revolutionize health behaviors.

We know you’re already busy, so PreventScripts won’t take time out of your hectic schedule.

Think of it as automated preventive medicine.

Preventative Medicine | Automated Preventative Medicine
Preventative Medicine | Healthcare Prevention | Prevention | Healthcare Prevention

In-Office Implementation Using the PreventScripts Starter Kit


Patient-Facing Mobile App Enables At-Home Support


Patient Tracking Enables Population Health Management


“Treatment without Prevention is simply unsustainable”

– Bill Gates

“An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure”

– Benjamin Franklin


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Preventative Medicine
Preventative Medicine | Health

PreventScripts platform is a valuable behavior change platform to stem rising healthcare costs within prediabetic populations. It allows your population to “close the loop” with their health, at home and on their own terms without the expensive hospital system in between.

Tom Sullivan

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You’ll find PreventScripts at the intersection of passion and execution. Brandi Harless and Dr. Natalie Hodge are passionate about serving an underserved population and coming up with real solutions. This product and this team can be the best thing that ever happened to someone struggling to maintain a healthy life while dealing with diabetes and hypertension.

Josh Willeford

VP Financial Operations, The Advisory Board Company