How do I download the app?

You can download the patient app from this page. You will need to ask your doctor for your specific redeem code.

What is PreventScripts?

PreventScripts is a lifestyle medicine program prescribed by your primary care physician to help you reduce your risk for diabetes and hypertension, and help you proactively take control of your health.

How is the PreventScripts program structured?

Once your risk for diabetes is assessed in the office and your biometrics show you are eligible for the program, your provider staff will train you on using the software and help you get it on your phone. The program will help you remember to drink more water, eat more fruits/veggies, move just a little more and know what your blood pressure, bmi and blood sugar readings mean.

Will using the PreventScripts program use my phone’s data?

If you use your clinic’s free internet network the initial download will not use your phone’s data. If you utilize your home network no data will be utilized. If you use your phone’s data plan as your main internet access, data usage is minimal. By comparison, the data per month to transmit your information to the clinic is less than sending one photograph via email.

Will using the PreventScripts Program use my phone’s minutes?

No, the PreventScripts program will not use your phone’s minutes.

How much does PreventScripts cost?

Your provider pays for the license to the remote monitoring program. Your provider will bill your insurance and as always, your insurance may require for you to pay a portion of the program. As the old saying goes, “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

How do I get started with PreventScripts?

Once you are at home, we ask you to use the app daily to track your fruit and veggie intake and glasses of water daily. Place your PreventScripts water bottle in your bathroom next to your toothbrush. Step on the scale daily at first to get used to this new behavior. Use a proven method called “habit stacking” to remind yourself to weigh yourself in the morning by putting your scale in the bathroom close to your toothbrush. Your provider will guide you in terms of how often to collect your weight in the coming weeks. Usually, twice a week is best.

What do I do on the first day of the program?

Track your health behaviors in the app and try to take a good long walk. Take a look at the pedometer in PreventScripts and try to get it as full as possible! Customize your reminders and upload a photo that is meaningful to YOU in improving your health.

Is a scale included in the program?

Some providers may provide scales and hardware support to assist in streamlining weight collection and monitoring your weight remotely. If a scale is not provided, weigh on your home scale and input the number.

When do I start weighing in?

Please do put your office weight into your phone as your baseline weight. Then the following morning, check your weight at home and input the home collected number into the PreventScripts software.