PreventScripts, a Kentucky-based digital health company, has won an investment from JumpStart Foundry. Each JSF cohort company receives an investment of $150,000 via standard post-money SAFE notes. Additionally, the 18 startups will be onboarded into Jumpstart Foundry’s exclusive program for healthcare entrepreneurs, Jumpstart Insight. Through this program, founders are provided the opportunity to sharpen their business management and leadership skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of healthcare industry dynamics.

“Brandi, Jay, and I are thrilled to be awarded an additional investment from Jumpstart Foundry. This award specifically helps us add additional product features to our platform for both providers and patients, as well as ramp our marketing and sales efforts. Our vision at PreventScripts is to help primary care providers identify and intervene with their patients at risk for diabetes and hypertension, scaling health behavior change improvements across their populations.

Natalie Davis, MD Chief Medical Officer PreventScripts

About PreventScripts

PreventScripts™ is on a mission to partner with primary care providers and stave off the onset of disease in their upstream at-risk populations at scale. PreventScripts™ award-winning Prevention Management System accelerates and automates preventive medicine in four easy steps through a clinically-embedded digital service line, providing both patient-facing and provider-facing digital interfaces and experiences. 

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“As we sit more than two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for innovation in healthcare has never been more urgent… In 2022, we are positioned to invest our largest Jumpstart Foundry fund in founders who, like us, have set out to make something better in healthcare. We are thrilled this spring to add 18 companies to the Foundry portfolio. Each of these companies represents strong diversity, passionate founders and teams, and evidence that the movement for better healthcare in America is coming.”

– Doug Edwards, Jumpstart Foundry’s Interim Managing Director and Jumpstart Health Investors CEO

About Jumpstart Foundry 

Jumpstart Foundry is a private investment firm driving healthcare innovation in the startup community. Based in Nashville, Jumpstart Foundry is one of Tennessee’s most active venture capital firms.

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