PreventScripts has been awarded a $40,000 investment from Keyhorse Capital to invest into PreventScripts Product Development. 

“Brandi, Jay, and I are thrilled to be awarded an additional $40,000 investment from Keyhorse Capital. This award specifically helps us configure and embed our system into the primary care workflow. Our vision at PreventScripts is to help primary care providers identify and intervene with their patients at risk for diabetes and hypertension, scaling health behavior change improvements across their populations.” – Natalie Davis, MD Chief Medical Officer PreventScripts

About PreventScripts 

PreventScripts™ is on a mission to partner with primary care providers to effectively reverse the onset of disease in their upstream at-risk populations at scale. Our award-winning Prevention Management System accelerates and automates preventative medicine in four easy steps through a clinically-embedded digital service line, providing both patient-facing and provider-facing digital interfaces and experiences.

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About Keyhorse Capital

Keyhorse Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on supporting a thriving community of entrepreneurs willing to go the distance to build and grow innovative companies. Their flagship fund, Kentucky Enterprise Fund (KEF), is focused on investing in early-stage companies based in Kentucky. Keyhorse Capital has provided financing to 375 companies over 20 years and has $40 million in assets under management. Their active portfolio of 75 companies has created more than 800 jobs and counting.

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About KSTC

KSTC is a private, statewide non-profit corporation committed to advancing science, technology, and innovative economic development founded on Kentucky know-how. KSTC seeks to improve the capacity of people, companies, and organizations to build an innovation-driven economy in Kentucky.

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