Sean Harris, Advisory Board

Tell me a little about your background? 

I have been surrounded by healthcare my whole life.  My father is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon oncologist, my mother is a critical care nurse, my brother is a public health and infectious disease officer at the CDC, and I have numerous family members who are physicians.  I gravitated to specializing in analytical leadership for digital health through academia and my career because I always wanted to contribute to medicine or the life sciences, and my skills were centered on big picture problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership.  

What do you love most about your work? 

I have the utmost respect for healthcare professionals on the frontlines, as well as the impact they have on patient lives.  I am ultimately motivated to do everything in my power in my domain to facilitate clinical support and improve outcomes.

How did you get involved working with PreventScripts? 

I became acquainted with Dr. Natalie Davis while she was a member of Doximity’s Medical Advisory Board, and I, as a founding team member, led all things data for Doximity.

What do you like about what PreventScripts is building? 

I have spent the entirety of my 13-year professional career on the physician side of Digital Health. PreventScripts is a great opportunity to connect to the other hemisphere in healthcare, the patient side.  Advising PreventScripts affords me the opportunity to utilize my background in data discovery, ingestion, manipulation, and business decisions based on data insights, to empower patients to reach their best possible outcomes.

What keeps you up at night? 

I have seen firsthand the impact that technology can have in the medical space, and I am always thinking about the next major technological innovation that can serve the healthcare industry, or how I can help existing HealthTech companies get to the next level to make the biggest possible impact.