Kathy Neider, MD Family Practitioner, Baptist Health Louisville

We have built the dream team at PreventScripts. We are equipped to take on the challenge of helping primary care providers increase revenue by preventing disease. Meet our expert advisor, Kathy Nieder, MD. Kathy is an accomplished clinician as well as an accomplished health technologist. She serves as a Family Practitioner, Physician Liaison for the Epic EHR, and Certified Epic Physician Builder at Baptist Health, Louisville.

What do you love MOST about your work? 

Connecting with a patient and feeling like you may have made a difference in how they think about their health.

How did you get involved in working with PreventScripts?

I met Natalie and she was so passionate about what she was doing that she intrigued me. I felt like the app she was developing could make a difference in people’s behavior, especially as I’d been seeing some studies that suggested using apps might reduce slow down progression of disease in some preventable instances. 

What do you like about what PreventScripts is building?

It’s PREVENTION, not treatment. If we can prevent development of Diabetes it will be so much more effective in reducing the sequela of the disease. 

What keeps you up at night?

Oh so many things but I think the biggest is the perception that science is a belief system where statistics and reality are distorted, and related to that how we have failed as a society to infuse critical thinking into our population.