PreventScripts Evidence-Based Feature Series

At PreventScripts, we believe in simplifying healthy living for all patients. That’s why we combined over 30 years of digital health research with decades of knowledge from experts across public health and medicine to build our product. We have identified evidence-based features that, when combined and utilized within our product, generate an exponential effect on patient health outcomes. Join us as we explore the history and science behind each of these features and learn how our product can improve the overall health of your patients. 

Text Messaging: The Workhorse of Digital Health

Back in 2012, before apps were a household name, MobiHealth News’ Brian Dolan dubbed text messages the “workhorse” of digital health. Text messaging during this decade began to evolve into a versatile tool that health systems and vendors use to remind patients of appointments, share lab results, and refill prescriptions. These “first generation” programs have also proven helpful for managing a range of health conditions, from asthma to sobriety support to diabetes. To succeed in value-based care, providers must go beyond convenience reminders and use text messaging for sustained population health. Effective population health strategies require providers to help patients change their health behaviors.

When it comes to intervening and preventing disease across patient populations (particularly vulnerable patient populations), a multi-channel approach is crucial. But let’s face it, text messaging is the Beyoncé of digital communication. It’s essential for patient engagement, and the evidence backing it is overwhelming. Researchers at The Division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology at Yale University called it “a critical tool to reduce the global burden of metabolic disease,” and a narrative review from the University of Washington found that SMS reminders are cheap, easy to implement, and increase medical compliance. There’s so much data to share, but we’ll leave it at that. 

At PreventScripts, we use text messaging to help patients adhere to their chosen behavior changes during our remote monitoring programs. After patients leave your office and return to their hectic lives, we are here to help re-engage them with medically validated communications in between monthly remote monitoring interactions. Patients receive daily PreventTips tailored to their unique goal each week. We’re proud of our goal planning engagement rates – 60% of patients are actively involved in setting and achieving their targets. And with 77% of patients reporting feeling more motivated by our daily PreventTips, it’s clear that our tailored messages are making a difference. We’re dedicated to helping patients incorporate healthy habits, delicious recipes, and creative ways to stay on track, even when life gets busy. With our remote monitoring programs and personalized support, patients can feel confident that they’re on the path to better health.

As a primary care provider, you have the power to help your patients improve their health behaviors and avoid developing chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. With digital solutions like PreventScripts, you can make it easier for your patients to adhere to self-management and create sustained health for your population. Click below to learn more!