Healthcare is evolving. Working with primary care physicians to improve the health of their patients has never been more important – or more enigmatic. We know firsthand how challenging managing patient risk and compliance is for PCPs who are inundated with competing priorities and increasingly complex reimbursement structures. 

Our complete preventive health solution generates more revenue and healthier patients in primary care, and it’s working for providers like you. Don’t just take our word for it! Robert Wilson, MD is President of Covenant Cares, a multi-site family medicine practice based in Tennessee. Dr. Wilson shares what inspired him to partner with us, the biggest challenges facing primary care providers with the desire to innovate, and how this partnership has enhanced his medical practice on the StartupHealthNOW podcast.

“There are a lot of people you can find that are at-risk for disease and they’re just not motivated to make the necessary changes… (PreventScripts) will give us a categorization of their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and what is most fascinating to me- their desire for change. 


So what we’re trying to do is capture those patients that are highly motivated.. The idea of being able to capture those people before they become sick is, you know, that’s kind of like the holy grail of medicine. – Robert Wilson, MD

The StartupHealthNOW podcast typically features startup entrepreneurs and innovators, but this special episode with Dr. Wilson captures the perspective and experiences of the healthcare professionals working to innovate and implement in real time. Learn more before you listen here or jump right into the episode below: