We have built the dream team at PreventScripts. Between our co-founders, advisors and investors, we are equipped to take on the challenge of helping primary care providers increase revenue by preventing disease.

Meet our expert advisor, Brian Shemwell.


Tell me a little about your background?

I was originally born and raised in Western KY.  I am the father of 2 brilliant and vibrant little girls and the lucky husband to their mother, who is equally as brilliant and vibrant.  After a couple stops playing college baseball, I landed back in Western KY where I received a BS in Public Relations and pursued a MS in Economics from Murray State University. Eighteen years in healthcare overall, half of which serving in a sales/consulting capacity and the other half in operations (most recently and currently – Risk Based operations). My current role/employer is with VillageMD, where I serve as the Director of Population Health for the Kentucky Market. I oversee and direct a team of analysts and RN’s covering 9 practices in Western Kentucky.

Additionally, I opened a Bourbon Bar in Paducah KY (Barrel and Bond) in November of 2019.  Barrel and Bond was recognized as 1 of the best bourbon bars in the country in 2020.  Though the COVID-19 pandemic posed some rather unique challenges for me, I expect to endure the storm.

What do you love the most about your work?

Working in the Value Based/Risk Based Operations and Population Health space is challenging.  Using data & analytics to identify and stratify a provider’s panel into buckets based on risk, we can implement clinical best practices that would allow us to better treat the population as a whole.  The challenging part then becomes change.  Behavior change at the end of the day becomes the biggest barrier to making a difference in the lives of patients and our healthcare partners.  Despite the challenges, we persevere and over time we see the impact our model has on the overall health of the community.  This moment, the one in which we see that we’ve made a difference, is exactly why I love what I do.  We know how valuable data has become – it drives everything.  Being data driven is how companies such as VillageMD and PreventScripts are going to change the world.

How did you get involved in working with PreventScripts?

I was first approached by Brandi to possibly serve as someone who would promote and market PreventScripts to the healthcare community.  It was during our first official meeting with a provider (with Brandi and Natalie) that I quickly realized I was out of my league and I was by far the dumbest person in the room.  Brandi and Natalie are brilliant and I told them they didn’t need me to help sell this product.  However, I gladly assisted in building a sales blueprint and have intermittently continued to support both Brandi and Natalie as needed in an advisory role.

What do you like about what PreventScripts is building?

It’s a viable tool and has a place in the clinic setting.  Healthcare is going in one direction.  It eventually leads to preventive care, not reactive.  Over time, as behaviors and approaches change – tools such as PreventScripts will be instrumental in routine office visits, helping navigate down the path to better health.

What keeps you up at night?

Knowing that healthcare in the US, on it’s current trajectory, is unsustainable.  I love being a driver for change and love doing so at ground zero in the PCP setting.  However, I know that by the time my daughter’s are my age, the landscape of healthcare in the US will look much different than it does today.  It could be much better, it could be much worse.  So, for the sake of my children we have to be willing to take the risks now, put muscle behind tools and resources available to us, and work as hard as we can to improve the overall health of this country – and it all starts first on a local level and finding the right people willing to put forth the effort.