PreventScripts Evidence-Based Feature Series

At PreventScripts, we believe in simplifying healthy living for all patients. That’s why we combined over 30 years of digital health research with decades of knowledge from experts across public health and medicine to build our product. We have identified evidence-based features that, when combined and utilized within our product, generate an exponential effect on patient health outcomes. Join us as we explore the history and science behind each of these features and learn how our product can improve the overall health of your patients. 

Leveraging Patient Reported Outcomes For Successful Interventions

How can doctors gain a deeper understanding of the impact interventions have on their patients’ lives? Enter Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), a chance to peek beyond clinical data and observe how interventions impact patients’ intangible health factors. These factors range from patients’ feelings of fulfillment to their ease of completing daily tasks. This additional insight into the patient experience helps clinicians assess the effectiveness of interventions in improving the quality of life and overall well-being of patients. Furthermore, this deeper understanding can lead to more effective interventions and better patient outcomes, setting PROs apart from traditional benchmarks like hospital readmission rates that fail to capture the whole picture.

Evidence has consistently shown that the implementation of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in clinical practice has several positive outcomes, including improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient-centered care, and reduced healthcare utilization and costs. Multiple studies demonstrate that PROMs lead to better symptom management, quality of life, and patient satisfaction with care, facilitating better identification of patient needs and increased patient involvement in decision-making. Despite the proven benefits of using PROMs in clinical practice, their implementation remains remarkably low, with only 1 percent of clinicians using them as part of their routine work. In many cases, PROMs are not yet fully integrated into electronic health records, and the lack of standardization and provider training and support creates barriers to implementation and use. 

Screen View of Our Patient Self-Efficacy Question Within the EHR-friendly, Pre-Visit Assessment.

Screen View of Patient Self-Efficacy Question Within our EHR-friendly, Pre-Visit Assessment.

At PreventScripts, we are helping providers move past these barriers so they can leverage PROMs for successful health behavior interventions. PROMs are strategically placed within our product to meet the clinical needs of primary care providers and facilitate preventive care for their at-risk patients within their practices. We use digital PROs surveys to engage patients in their health risks before their visit and assess their physical and mental health over time. We use PRO to measure the impact of our interventions, and measure patients’ self-efficacy levels because of their ability to predict BMI and health outcomes. Our platform automates patient data collection for providers and our algorithm simplifies the critical data and presents it to the provider at the point of care, making it easier for providers to match their patients with the most suitable intervention for success every time. 

As healthcare continues to evolve, providers are facing the question of how to provide the best possible care for their patients while also meeting the demands of value-based care. Our evidence-based features enable providers to intervene successfully with at-risk patients, allowing them to provide the deeper level of care that leads to improved patient outcomes. Are you ready to take the next step in your value-based care journey? Click ‘learn more’ below to see how our features can generate healthier patients and more revenue in your primary care practice!