PreventScripts Evidence-Based Feature Series

At PreventScripts, we believe in simplifying healthy living for all patients. That’s why we combined over 30 years of digital health research with decades of knowledge from experts across public health and medicine to build our product. We have identified evidence-based features that, when combined and utilized within our product, generate an exponential effect on patient health outcomes. Join us as we explore the history and science behind each of these features and learn how our product can improve the overall health of your patients. 

How Color-Coding Improves Patient Health Biometrics

No matter what solution we’re implementing- we’re committed to finding simple yet effective approaches. Color-coding systems like the one in our prevention app help patients improve their health biometrics by improving adherence to at-home blood pressure self-management. 

In one trial, the Coco trial, color-coded, visualized information supported improved perception (awareness and interpretation) of blood pressure and triggered correct behavior. This resulted in improved adherence to the recommended treatment as well as better communication between patients and doctors. This simple, inexpensive approach of color-coded BP self-monitoring is user-friendly and widely applicable in primary care. We take this one step further by providing custom messaging back to the patient in response to the data they enter, thereby providing another education touch point.

We understand the challenges that come with treating chronic metabolic diseases, but we also believe that technology can be a powerful tool in helping patients better self-manage their conditions. Approximately 60% of American adults affected by prehypertension or hypertension. With 31% of those with hypertension unaware of their health status, identifying and managing these patients is crucial. With the right tools and support, patients can achieve better health outcomes through ongoing management. Our RPM-enrolled patients have achieved an average systolic blood pressure reduction of 12% and an average diastolic blood pressure reduction of 13% in our program.

Providers can prevent chronic conditions, like hypertension, by intervening with at-risk patients early. However, identifying them remains a preliminary challenge for providers. Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to many chronic diseases, affecting one in three Americans. Yet, alarmingly, many cases go undiagnosed. For example, over 80% of the 96 million American adults with pre-diabetes are unaware of their health status. Our patient prevention assessment tool helps providers systematically identify at-risk patients, assess their motivation style, and determine their readiness to engage with the PreventScripts platform.

We leverage the color-coding methodology to educate and engage patients about their risk levels before they leave the waiting room. This dual-sided approach seeks to close communication gaps that may leave patients with inaccurate perceptions of their risk levels that can hinder a successful intervention. We recently partnered with the University of Kentucky Department of Family and Community Medicine to better understand the value of our pre-visit risk assessment tools and how these tools impact patient outcomes, awareness, as well as comprehension, and communication by physicians. Our software provided their research team with a way to screen patients and increase patient awareness of their diabetes risk. Only 52% of the screened patients perceived themselves as at-risk for diabetes, despite over 76% of patients receiving high-risk assessment scores. After educating patients, 78 percent remembered their risk score in a follow-up call, demonstrating impact. 

With our evidence-based features like color-coding, we are driving better health outcomes and empowering patients to take control of their health. Join us in our mission to simplify healthy living for all patients. Click below to learn more!