We are big believers in partnerships. Our CEO Brandi Harless often says “Most of our challenges are solved through good communication and strong relationships”. For that reason, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our newest partners.

Last fall, our Co-Founder Dr. Natalie Davis placed in the KY270 pitch contest hosted by Launch Blue and Bluegrass Angels. This led us to deepening our relationships with Eric Hartman and Laura Halligan. As part of the program, they provide us with intensive one-on-one coaching and advising on a bi-weekly basis. Their input and insights have proven valuable already. We discuss real-time issues and work through solutions that are applicable to our company now.

The program also includes mentoring from an angel investor in our industry. Dr. Lee Dossett is a member of the Bluegrass Angels and a practicing physician. He has already provided us with invaluable insights that will prepare us to return to the Bluegrass Angels once we open our Seed round. Having his mentorship as we prepare to go to market and as we are building the foundation of our company is invaluable. We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with Dr. Dossett as well.

Thank you to these partners and their commitment to our mission!

Dr. Lee Dossett

“Brandi and Natalie are passionately working to build a company that improves the health of patients and of society, while at the same time providing an untapped revenue stream for primary care physicians.  I look forward to seeing them solve the complexities surrounding good preventative care.”

Eric Hartman

It has been an honor to work with the PreventScripts team and support their mission to revolutionize primary care though last mile automation of preventive care. The goal of the KY270 program is help this Kentucky startup advance to a seed stage angel investment round through pre-seed funding, Launch Blue coaching, and mentoring from the Bluegrass Angels. I have been impressed with PreventScripts’ experienced and impassioned founding team and their innovative solution to this daunting national healthcare challenge.

Laura Russell Halligan

“Launch Blue has been excited to have this opportunity to work with PreventScripts. The success of every startup hinges on the experience and commitment of the founding team. Brandi and Natalie continually demonstrate their passion for removing barriers between primary care physicians and their patients. The team’s intimate knowledge of the challenges facing physicians and their deep industry expertise continues to impress everyone they meet.”